About Us

The Focus Community Newspaper has been serving our community since November of 1988.  The current proprietors, Pauline Roberti (Brotzman) and Denise D'Amico, purchased the publication in June of 1991 with the goal of continuing to provide our merchants and readers a reliable place to find information on local happenings in and around our area.  Our publication is also a great reference of local businesses no matter what you might be looking for; including Home Improvement Companies, Automotive Businesses...

We are a family owned business dedicated to providing our merchants with an old fashioned and loyal avenue to advertise their businesses.  We strive to keep our prices as low as possible while offering great specials and multiple avenues of advertising in order to cater to each businesses individual needs.

The Focus Community Newspaper's inexpensive price structure , friendly atmosphere, loyalty to their customers, and old fashioned business approach is the Key to Success in Your Business.